Melinda Rodriguez

Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Melinda Rodriguez

Visual Recall


I realized something rather funny: I don’t usually remember things in language. Odd, given how much writing I do, isn’t it?

My memories are made up of images, colors, scents, sounds even – but rarely ever language. I only remember the words to songs because of the music.

When I was younger, like twelve, thirteen or in high school, we had to memorize a lot of poems and entire lessons from our textbooks and be able to stand up and recite them in class. I could do it but only because while reciting, I could see the pages in front of my eyes. And I would just read the words I saw on the image of the page I was recalling from memory. I usually recited the poems badly because of this, reading them word by word rather than speaking their language.

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