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Melinda Rodriguez
Just Thinking

Sometimes I can feel how things really are, even as on paper they should appear completely wrong. There’s a reality more real than how things ought to be. If I pay attention I can feel it, and nowadays, when I open my eyes, I’m beginning to see it too. Life’s timing sucks. It’s almost like […]

August 2, 2016, General Thinking

Here’s what I like about mornings: I think to myself, Let there be coffee, I close my eyes and let my hands go through a series of motions, and lo, behold: there is coffee.

June 6, 2012, General
Could be Better – Could be Worse

You know how when a home no longer feels like a home you have to leave it and find another one? I think that for work purposes, one’s office should feel like home. Mine doesn’t anymore. It’s all rather complicated and I’m tired of it being so complicated and of having to negotiate with myself […]

April 16, 2011, General
Hello Beautiful!

  “Melinda is a powerful, insightful, yet incredibly down to earth and approachable teacher, guide, medicine woman.  In a day and age when we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the earth, she gently and intuitively guides you to return to your inner wisdom…and awakens aspects of yourself that have been asleep for too […]

October 9, 2008, General
Live a life that inspires you. Live it now!

“Experience your highest potential as you explore an authentic life rooted in impeccability and inner wisdom.  I will show you the way.”       Melinda Rodriguez, CSC, RMT   Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Counseling & Coaching Mentor   Founder & Director, International Awareness Academy Drum Circle & Rhythm Event Facilitator

July 20, 2007, General
Math Education and Class/Racial Divides

My mother sent me the link to this article: “Racial Equity Requires Teaching Elementary School Teachers More Mathematics” by Patricia Clark Kenschaft, in the February 2005 issue of the Amcerican Math Society’s Notices (pdf of article). (Yes – I know. This may sound frightening to those of us who are in non-math fields, but believe […]

February 16, 2005, General