Melinda Rodriguez

Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Melinda Rodriguez

Just Thinking


Sometimes I can feel how things really are, even as on paper they should appear completely wrong. There’s a reality more real than how things ought to be. If I pay attention I can feel it, and nowadays, when I open my eyes, I’m beginning to see it too.

Life’s timing sucks. It’s almost like life does it on purpose. It just throws things at me all at once, things I’ve been needing for years and years and perhaps never knew I needed or just never admitted to myself that I needed, right along with the things I’d never have wanted at all. And it always happens all at once, after a long dearth, after waiting and waiting and not realizing I’ve been waiting at all, and then it’s just… everything, all of a sudden.

Somehow I’m starting to think it will be okay. No: better than okay. I may be starting to believe it too.

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