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Melinda Rodriguez


That’s the last line of Yeats’s “Among Schoolchildren”.


I have always adored that line.

And something about dance really does make it possible to feel a union of body and mind. Dance and yoga are not unrelated.

I’m so glad I signed up for the ballet class with my friend. There was a live pianist who tailored the music to the choreography for each exercise, and the teacher was so fun and gentle. And I realized I’d forgotten far less than I imagined I did. Lucky for me, too, that I’m relatively unembarrassable, so if during the across-the-floor part I forget the choreography (which is when I usually forget the choreography), I just jump & move to the music and don’t much care.

It was really good, this class today. I will go one more time this week and I’ll probably keep going twice a week. I find, too, that the best time for me to exercise is the middle of the day, right before lunch.

The best part is the feeling of being at one with my body; the feeling my way to balance and motion. Interestingly enough one key issue is how one holds one’s head… It’s really about feeling the music and the movement though: when going through a routine, it’s important not to be too analytically conscious of what you’re doing. In other words, you have to let your body lead you through the movements rather than think your way through them. If you start thinking about it too much, you’re almost guaranteed to mess up.

Surprisingly, I ended up having a really good day today.

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