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Love, Love, Love

Melinda's warm, loving support and her wonderful teachings was a real catalyst in assisting me to transform myself and my life. She provided me with so many excellent tools and exercises which have been incredibly beneficial in all aspects of my life. She empowered me to transform my outlook, thereby bringing more of the qualities of love and abundance into my life. To anyone reading this, if you get an opportunity to work with Melinda, do it!! I blossomed during my phenomenal training, and can't recommend working with Melinda highly enough! I thank God often for bringing her into my life. She's one in a million, and she will forever hold a very special place in my heart."

~Kim Loftis  - Burnsville, North Carolina

Having had many counseling sessions throughout my life from a variety of practices including traditional psychology and Science of Mind Spiritual counseling I can say Melinda's approach and understanding is uncanny. I highly recommend Melinda if you wish to be guided through your process. Thanks Melinda so much for continuing to share your love and your gifts.
~Nancy Marks Co-creator of the Stardust Film Fest

"While teaching, Melinda shows such passion in what she speaks. She speaks from the heart and lives the ways of her teachings. The class Melinda I took was a Spiritual Platform for me. By opening me up to the gifts we all have been given and freeing me from the fear of using them, I feel very empowered. It is obvious that you have been guided to Melinda as I was for you to be reading my words. I highly suggest you take this opportunity and walk through the door that has been opened to you."
~ Rev. Tammy Steed - Norwalk, CA ~

"Each time I attend an event led by Melinda, I come away with such an uplifted feeling. She perfectly explains all that our Wisdom want us to know in a direct, yet gentle manner. She always provides me with both a sense of peace and a renewed spiritual energy. She has also touched my family and friends in profound ways, either by offering guidance with issues in their lives, or spurring on their spiritual growth. She is truly a gift from God."
~Angela, Teacher - Whittier, CA~

"Sincerely, thank you once again.  I truly am a changed man. You showed me the path that I knew I was to follow. Knowing my potential as a Shaman-Warrior has released the Power, Confidence and Strength that was lying dormant deep within me.  Yes, its only been two days, but I have absolutely no wanting to indulge in my addictions.  You are a very powerful Shaman!"
~Anthony, Police Officer

"Melinda Rodriguez has a true and amazing connection with Spirit. She offers awesome insight and extremely helpful information, while providing a safe, compassionate, and non judgmental environment. During sessions with Melinda, I enjoy receiving a wealth of inspiration, "tools" and opportunities for growth that assist me along my spiritual path."
~Rhiannon Azurite - Sleepy Hollow, CA


"Melinda's leadership style is absolutely evolutionary!  She seeks to be a catalyst in a person's development and seeks out opportunities for her clients to challenge themselves and identifies goals that work to enhance/develop strengths.  Therefore, she engages in a partnership with a client so they feel supported as they push out of their comfort zone." 
~ Erica Beggan - Irvine, California

"I have found Melinda to be very compassionate and understanding.  She has a great deal of knowledge that she applies to her consultation services.  I have received healing sessions from Melinda and regular interactions during my mentorship with her.  Not only does she take the time to develop deep and meaningful interactions with her clients, she communicates well and gives supreme customer service.  I will always be grateful and have a special relationship with her as my Spiritual Mentor and would highly recommend her services to others." 
~ Cindy Carmen - San Diego, California

"In our workshops we teach women about the power available in fully inhabiting their bodies, and in reaching out to the women around them to experience a collaboration of Queens.  This is generally the opposite of what our culture encourages, which is to use our bodies as a tool with which to compete with the women around us.  Many women feel betrayed by their bodies, as if the body cannot compete because of its flaws, and we are left with no home for the spirit and no safe place to commune with other women.   By incorporating a drum circle into the workshop, we are able to give women an experience that shows them that something else is possible.  The moment that they begin to drum and dance, they are swept up in a celebration of beauty and community that changes life forever.  We love you Melinda and think what you are doing is a critical part of what we’re all working on from different angles and in different venues." 
~Leslie Rice, COO, Pax Programs International

"Melinda will hold a special place in my heart for eternity. My life has been impacted forever as well as my family's!  Her gifts of Healing, Guidance, and knowledge of the Universe combined with her deep sense of compassion, honesty and sincerity was worth far more than I paid.  She is an Angel sent to earth to heal in many ways! Thank you Melinda!"    ~ Tami Fortune - Anaheim Hills, California

"I went into this session expecting it to be no different than others I had experienced.  To my surprise, I found that it was nothing like what I had expected.  It was filled with positive messages.  Even those areas that I needed to work on were presented from a positive perspective.  I did not feel threatened or afraid and I was not made to feel like I was less of a person.  Since that first day I have had other sessions with Melinda.  I use these sessions as a time of personal growth.  When I attend a session, I am always reminded of what Melinda said so many years ago - Spirit wants you know know you are loved so deeply." 
~Joan Panther, Corporate VP - Anaheim Hills, California

"Melinda facilitates a safe, comfortable and fun environment for letting go and experiencing the exhilaration and benefits of discovering rhythm. Her events provide a profound sense of cohesion and group collaboration for participants while having great fun in the process. Participation in Melinda's events and programs leave you with renewed motivation, enthusiasm and sense of well being. Thank you Melinda for sharing your invaluable gift with us all."
~Dirk Barkemeijer de Wit, CEO, The RADDAR Foundation

"During my studies with Melinda a lot of changes happened in my life.  As I went through the process and learning the techniques there were many successes achieved including reaching a personal goal of getting in shape for a Colorado mountain hike. I actually lost a dress size and the weight loss has inspired me to join a gym so that I will continue to improve my cardiovascular fitness.  The greatest success I take with me is the confidence I have knowing that I have been called to this work; that it is a gift of mine and that I can help others in profound ways.
~Sylvianne Bradley-Sestegga, RN - Chino Hills, California

"The classes taught by Melinda were very enlightening.  The entire course has helped me awaken the abilities that we all have within and raise my confidence level.  It was also wonderful to experience the many course exercises and learning about the Native American methods/rituals."
~Linda Somervile - Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Melinda - I just wanted to say THANK YOU!  I've been to drum circles before but that event really, really touched me A LOT!  So much so that I want to get my own drum and really get in tune with it.  That was a truly awakening and even spiritual experience.  It was the first time in a long time that I felt that kind of WHOLENESS.  I'm just so excited...”

~Pamela deForest

You are just such an amazing fit for the vision of our event and I literally couldn’t image the event without you after the lasting impression and inspiration you provided the youth. You are all the rage- the girls talk about you all year long. You have the most amazing positive effect them."  
Brateil Aghasi, Associate Director, WHW

I always enjoy attending anything that Melinda facilitates!  Her drumming events are dynamic, energizing, and empowering while simultaneously help to reduce stress and release tension.  Melinda creates a sense of community while  allowing others to feel connected and unified.  Melinda is an extremely talented drummer, who facilitates with passion, inspiring others through the powerful modality of music."
~Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit, Celestial Journey Therapy

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