Guiding You Upon Your Sacred Pathways Of Wisdom

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"Melinda is a powerful, insightful, yet incredibly down to earth and approachable teacher, guide, medicine woman.  In a day and age when we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the earth, she gently and intuitively guides you to return to your inner wisdom...and awakens aspects of yourself that have been asleep for too long.  Spending time with Melinda always refreshes, grounds and nourishes my soul."    ~Sylvia Poareo - Fullerton, CA

Hello Beautiful! 

Welcome to my online healing sanctuary where Pathways of Wisdom lead you to the discovery of the radiant, flourishing force of empowerment within you!

Humankind is beginning to recognize a deep inner void.  Our souls are starving for a return to the sacred, for ritual, ceremony, rhythm and all that dwells deep within our DNA, thirsting for expression.  Humanity as a whole has lost its connection to nature and the awareness of the divinity that dwells there.  We have disconnected from our own holy wilderness.  It is time to rise, reconnect, resurrect and heal.  When we fill that void with what we are truly hungry for, our innate wisdom becomes loud and clear, our inner Shaman awakens and our journey becomes one of peace, joy and harmony.

For more than a decade, I have provided one-on-one healing and intuitive mentoring sessions, either by phone/skype, email or in-person.  I also offer rhythm & ritual events, an online Shamanic apprenticeship program, books, empowering videos and blog posts to help you unleash the wisdom within, heal and thrive in a state of wholeness.  To find out more about my work, please explore the links above.  

We all need wisdom-filled insight to light our way upon our life journey. You deserve the experienced knowledge of a seasoned healer, teacher and confidant to listen and help you see the forest through the trees; someone to remind you of your light and help you to retrieve your personal power; someone who knows the ancient ways of healing and making whole.  This is my purpose.  I am here to uplift, guide, heal and inspire you upon your own unique pathways of wisdom.

In Sacred Harmony,
Melinda Rodriguez

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Amazon Book Review:  "This little gem is written in an easy to read style. Melinda writes as though she's talking with you across the kitchen table and offers simple and doable suggestions. It's as easy as listening to a good friend. I am so glad there's a section explaining highly sensitive people. For anyone who's been told they're "too sensitive", read and reread that section and you will feel better.  I look forward to buying more gems from Melinda!"


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