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Shamans' Path
Online Sacred Healing Apprenticeship

with Melinda Rodriguez

Awaken Your Inner Shaman!  This extraordinary, life-changing apprenticeship is a comprehensive exploration and healing journey that draws upon a medley of both ancient and contemporary Shamanic traditions, healing rhythms, sacred rituals and powerfully effective cultural healing practices.  Experience a profound journey designed to bring your inner Shaman's dream manifest – into your reality as you learn powerful sacred healing processes that create and sustain wholeness-body, mind and spirit.

Shamanism reconnects us with our own divinity and lineage to Mother Earth, unleashing the inherent harmony within our being.  Sacred Shamanic processes can help a person heal at a very deep, core level, even when other healing modalities are not successful.  The Shamanic path transcends ordinary consciousness to achieve profound healing, wellness, awareness, intuition and wholeness. 

Students of Shamans' Path will awaken their innate ability to "see" with the heart and travel into deep realms of consciousness to find information and perform gentle, loving rituals that heal the self, others and the community. At this time on our planet, this role has become vitally important and increasingly prevalent as more and more people are recognizing a deep inner void and the desire to awaken to their true essence.

As our evolving society is thirsting for a return to community, rhythm, ritual, nature and the healing and wholeness available there, Shamanism as a practice has become a fundamentally important tool.  Throughout this program, I will mentor apprentices as a sacred tribe in the ancient teachings and techniques of Shamanism and Sacred Wellness. The four month format enables the student to deeply explore each module and experience the magic and power of nature's cycles as they transition from one element to the other through the journey along the medicine wheel.

No prior experience or training is necessary. This apprenticeship is designed for people who would like to integrate Shamanism into their current practice, begin a new path, or those who simply wish to enhance their life along the transformational path of the Shaman. This program includes one-on-one, heart-to-heart mentoring with me to honor the integrity of the material covered as well as ensure each apprentice has a deep understanding of her unique magic and how to work with the tools and practices of Shamanism.  This body of work is not to be entered into lightly or disseminated without proper guidance from a highly experienced, reputable, respected medicine person of the utmost integrity.  

The Shamans' Path apprenticeship program is divided into eight modules, exploring two each month (via email) for four months along with one 60 minute private phone/skype consultation with me per month to provide coaching and intuitive mentoring.  During this profoundly powerful program, students will learn to:

  • Master the Art of the Shamanic Journey - through subtle states of enhanced consciousness, traveling in the "non-ordinary" reality of the lower, middle and upper worlds. 
  • Understand, experience and perform sacred ceremony by exploring all elements involved with ritual. 
  • Understand the "wounded healer" and the process of becoming whole again.

  • Work with Sacred Wellness Tools such as alters, plant wisdom, nutrition, crystals, power animals, feathers, stones, and developing a deep connection with nature. 
  • Utilize Shamanic rhythm and sound with the drum, rattle, bells and sacred chants. 
  • Understand illness/wellness from a Shamanistic perspective. 
  • Explore sacred power sites in your area and learn how to tap into their medicine.
  • Experience and perform the Shamanic ritual of Power Retrieval the sacred wellness way.

  • Experience and perform the Shamanic ritual of Soul Retrieval the sacred wellness way.
  • Experience and perform Shamanic "extraction" or transmuting of unwanted energy. 
  • Tap into the guidance and wisdom of the Native American Medicine Wheel. 
  • Connect deeply with animal medicine and divination
  • Explore Goddess Shamanism - understanding women's power (from both male & female perspectives). 
  • Conduct Spiritual counseling and mentoring from a Shamanic perspective. 
  • Use ethical, respectable, and professional methods to build and succeed in your professional work and daily practice. 
  • Cultivate, develop and fully understand your personal intuitive nature and how to tap into infinite wisdom for self guidance and the guidance of others.
  • Integrate energy medicine and other holistic methods with Shamanic practices.

The Shamans' Path program will awaken and enhance your natural healing and intuitive abilities through the path of Shamanism. I will guide each apprentice step-by-step through the concepts and processes of Shamanism and Sacred Wellness to develop proficiency and walk the pathway to mastery.  This means that you gain invaluable wisdom from each course module with an enhanced awareness, new skills and a deeper understanding of your sacred self.  By the end of your apprenticeship, you will acquire an unparalleled, comprehensive depth of experience and knowledge that empowers you to walk the wise path of the Shaman and utilize sacred healing tools for yourself and others.  

Tuition for the Sacred Healing online program is $499 and includes all eight modules, a free MP3 download of my Ultimate Shamanic Journey CD which contains three different Shamanic drumming tracks to assist you in your work along with four one-on-one mentoring session and unlimited email support during and after program completion.

It is my desire to see you being a transformational force of love and light for the Earth Mother.  This apprenticeship was intended for that.  The Shamans' Path program will teach you invaluable life skills, wisdom, and spiritual awareness that will be with you always, whether you decided to actually work with others or not.  Not everyone will go on to practice publicly, but your presence and energy will absolutely dramatically touch people and benefit the planet as a whole just by enrolling in this revolutionary program.

No Prior training or experience is necessary - just a sincere desire to connect with the power of the ancient art of Shamanism and live your passion and purpose.  To register, please click on the button below.  Once you are registered you will be contacted within 24 hours to arrange your first module and consultation. You can also email me or call 626.893.8358.  

**See what students are saying about this and other courses they have taken with me by going to my praise page.

Register by clicking below and embark upon an amazing journey along the Shamans' Path.  I look forward to working with you!

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