Pathways Of Wisdom

Resurrecting The Shaman Within

with Melinda Rodriguez

A force of wisdom

Since 1998 I have created a celebrated legacy of expertise in the field's of spiritual growth, shamanic wisdom and sacred healing.  My mission is to help you reclaim your wholeness - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually as you discover your highest potential.  I passionately want to see you thrive; it is your birthright and I am delighted to share with you the sacred ways of wholeness - Shamanism, energy medicine, intuition, rhythm and ritual.

Pathways of Wisdom is about understanding that there are many options that lead to whole-being harmony.  Every individual is unique, with their own life experiences and DNA makeup.  My work is based on connecting with each person's uniqueness on a deep, intuitive level that reveals the root of whatever one is facing. 

Here is my professional bio:

With 16 years of professional expertise and a lifetime of experience and application, Melinda is a powerful force of wisdom that facilitates the sacred ways of making whole while inspiring and igniting transformation; guiding people towards a pursuit of their own personal power, healing and awakening. She is renowned for creating a genuine connection with Spirit and a deep awareness of the Shaman that lies within us all. Her unwavering integrity and amazing gifts of intuition, leading from the heart and gentle healing has earned Melinda deep admiration and appreciation from her clients, students, and audiences worldwide.   

Melinda is Certified as a Spiritual Counselor through the American Board of Hypnotherapy via Dr. Doreen Virtue. She is an integrative healing practitioner and holds certification as a Reiki Master Teacher with a legacy of energy medicine mastery spanning a decade and half. With a Cherokee lineage, Melinda draws upon her knowledge and practice in a medley of diverse Shamanic traditions acquired through apprenticeships and study with an array of teachers, and facilitates this profound, loving wisdom in every aspect of her work.   

Specializing in Shamanic healing, Melinda is passionate about helping people connect with the wisdom and healing inelegance our creator endowed us with.  Combining ancient traditions with scientifically proven processes, Melinda facilitates the breakdown of blockages, dissolving of old patterns and intuiting our unique healing matrix for whole-person healing and a lifetime of wholeness.  

Melinda is also a passionate percussionist utilizing ceremonial and recreational drumming as Rhythm Alchemy.  In addition to leading ceremonial drumming events and teaching Drum classes, as part of her healing vocation Melinda shares her talents and wisdom as a Corporate Shaman with the international percussive teambuilding sensation - Drum Café.  Since 2005 she has been traveling across North America, presenting motivational programs that bring the ancient medicine of the drum to modern audiences in globally recognized companies.

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