Pathways Of Wisdom

Resurrecting The Shaman Within

with Melinda Rodriguez

Nourishment for the body, mind and spirit

Hello Beautiful! 

Welcome to my online healing sanctuary where the Pathways of Wisdom lead you to the discovery of the radiant, flourishing force of empowerment within you - your inner Shaman.

Humankind is beginning to recognize a deep inner void.  Our souls are starving for a return to the sacred, for ritual, ceremony, singing, dancing, drumming and all that dwells deep within our DNA, thirsting for expression.  Humanity as a whole has lost its connection to nature and the awareness of the divinity that dwells there.  We have disconnected from our own holy wilderness.  It is time to rise, reconnect, resurrect and heal.  When we fill that void with what we are truly hungry for, our inner wisdom becomes loud and clear and our journey becomes one of peace, joy and harmony.

There is a Shaman within each of us.  For many she remains dormant, sleeping.  She is our connection to nature, our inner wisdom, our inner healer and our inner teacher.  Our Shaman is the link between Spirit and body.  She is infused within each and every cell of our being at the moment of creation in the womb.  When we surrender to our authenticity, our magic and our oneness with the wilderness that we inherently are, she awakens from her dream, rising in a radiant primordial fire similar to that of Kundalini.  Our Shaman self then unleashes an unabashed ecstasy and bliss as we become aware of our true self and our undeniable oneness with the natural world; a realm of harmony and deep spiritual connection.

We are nature fundamentally.  Yet, modern culture has coerced this truth into deep suppression which is the very basis of suffering.  When we honor our inner Shaman, gently nudging her out of her dreamtime, she joyfully rises and brings forth her dream.  The practice then is one of keeping her awake, thriving and guiding us upon our Earth journey.

Awakening our inner Shaman does not mean we disconnect from every-day life, conventionalism or the tribulations that all humans encounter.  Waking her from her slumber rather revives our sacred awareness; merging mainstream and the mundane with magic.  Our life gives way to more extraordinary than ordinary.  We are armed with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that serve as powerful healing tools when we must face uncertainty and challenge.  We become acutely aware of the nature within as well as all around us and the illusion of separation between the two disappears. 

When the Shaman awakens, our purpose becomes crystal clear, our bodies and minds heal and the pathways of wisdom that lead us to the life we were born to live are revealed. 

We all need wisdom filled insight to light our way. You deserve the experienced knowledge of a seasoned healer, teacher and confidant to listen and help you see the forest through the trees; someone to remind you of your light and help you to retrieve your personal power; someone who knows the ancient ways of healing and making whole.  This is my purpose.  I am here to uplift, guide, heal and inspire you upon your own unique pathways of wisdom.

I provide one-on-one healing and intuitive mentoring sessions, rhythm & ritual events, an online apprenticeship program, books and empowering videos and articles to help you awaken your inner Shaman, heal and thrive in a state of wholeness.  To find out more about my work, please explore the links above.  I look forward to connecting with you!

In Sacred Harmony,

Melinda Beth Rodriguez

"Melinda is a powerful, insightful, yet incredibly down to earth and approachable teacher, guide, medicine woman.  In a day and age when we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the earth, she gently and intuitively guides you to return to your inner wisdom...and awakens aspects of yourself that have been asleep for too long.  Spending time with Melinda always refreshes, grounds and nourishes my soul."
~Sylvia Poareo - Fullerton, CA

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