Melinda Rodriguez

Celebrated Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author & Inspirational Speaker

Melinda Rodriguez
Hello Beautiful!

  Praise “Melinda is a powerful, insightful, yet incredibly down to earth and approachable teacher, guide, medicine woman.  In a day and age when we have become so disconnected from ourselves and the earth, she gently and intuitively guides you to return to your inner wisdom…and awakens aspects of yourself that have been asleep for […]

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Live a life that inspires you. Live it now!

“Experience your highest potential as you explore an authentic life rooted in impeccability and inner wisdom.  I will show you the way.”       Melinda Rodriguez, CSC, RMT   Internationally Acclaimed Spiritual Counseling & Coaching Mentor   Founder & Director, International Awareness Academy Drum Circle & Rhythm Event Facilitator

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